At BRAVED we truely believe that every women should feel strength, confidence and passion deep at their core. 

One way for these attributes to radiate from you is by implementing a healthy self care regime!

BUT sometimes before you can even begin to create some soulful self-care habits, a little voice in the back of your mind tells you otherwise.

"There's not enough time today to meditate"
"I didn't work hard enough this week to deserve a bath"
"My children are just too active to give me the down-time I need"

If you ever find yourself thinking like this regularly, it might mean you have a nasty limiting belief you need to say goodbye to (and maybe others you never even knew you had). 

Here are 5 steps on how we can say goodbye to these for good.


Step 1: Acknowledge what limiting beliefs really are

Beliefs are the ideas and thoughts that we hold as being true.

Beliefs are formed in many ways. We absorb them from our environment and experiences during our developmental years, and we also develop them when we accept some societal and cultural norms.

Beliefs can be beautiful. 

We believe we are loved. We believe we are safe. We believe that life is precious. We believe that time is scarce. We believe that good things can happen.

But all that is up must come down and that also applies to our beliefs. 

Limiting beliefs are what we hold as being true that limits us in some way. The evil twin sister to our positive beliefs.

Limiting beliefs are the pesky lense we have over our eyes which interprets our perceptions in a negative way and you would be lying if you didn't have at least one! Chances are you probably never realised it existed. And you most certainly don't realise how it could be holding you back.

They limit us from seeing what we are truly capable of. They stop us from taking risks, they keep us from accepting wonderful opportunities, or they keep us stuck in negative thought patterns.

Now that you know what limiting beliefs are, we can work together to say goodbye to them and to do that you must first become self-aware.

Step 2: Create a list of your limiting beliefs.

It’s important to get clear on what you are telling yourself on a daily basis. Did you know that the average human has over 6,000 thoughts per day!

Thoughts come by so quickly, sometimes you don't even know that you have thought them! That is why this exercise can be so difficult.

Take a moment, take a day, or better, take a month, to really listen to your thoughts. 

How are you talking to yourself? What do you find comes up a lot? 

Pay special attention to those negative thoughts of yours. Chances are these are tied to your limiting beliefs. Write down every limiting belief that crosses your mind. 

Step 3: Review your limiting beliefs

When you have a list, start with your first belief and begin your journey.

Firstly, you will need to answer a few questions to really understand your belief.

1. What does this belief take away from you (power, independence, confidence)?

2. Where or when do you think this thought first appeared (school, first job, beginning of parenthood)?

3. Could this belief be a result of someone else's actions (parents, grandparents, church, teachers)?

4. Could this belief be a result of a specific event or experience in your life?

Step 4: Rewrite your belief

To progress with this step, you first must decide that you really want to rewrite this belief.

You must see how this belief is limiting you. I mean truely see it.

Ask yourself everyday: Is this holding me back, is this keeping me from accepting a wonderful opportunity, is this keeping me stuck in a negative thought pattern?

Once you are ready, begin re-writing your stories.

Next to where you have written your limiting belief, write down the real story.

Step 5: Integrate this practice into your self-care routine.

This is probably the most crucial step.

You see, simply identifying and giving yourself permission to put these beliefs to bed will serve you well in the short-term, but these thoughts will pop back up and surprise you from time-to-time.

Use your list and remind yourself of the real stories daily.

It's not an overnight task to re-programme your sub-conscious mind, but by integrating this practice everyday you will slowly start consciously replacing your limiting beliefs with the more empowering ones.

You are a force of nature and there are endless possibilities awaiting you. Don't let your limiting beliefs decide how your life should be lived.

When amazing opportunities present themselves, take action and feel empowered that anything is possible for you!

If you're up for it, share some limiting beliefs that you have identified below and tell us the real story you have re-written for yourself. 

With love xx

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